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     SATISFIED DRIVE is a rock & roll band based out out of Livingston, Texas.  Formed in 2007 by Don May, Brandon Fowler, and Mark Vaughn, the band set out to put an edgier spin on some of the greatest music of all time...Classic Rock! As the band has evolved, so has their sound, from bluesy and moody to hard drivin' rock & roll, to alternative and acoustic. While most of SD's set list revolves around Classic Rock and Blues, there are a few surprises thrown in here and there. SD has over 200 songs in their repertoire ranging from ZZ Top, SRV, Steve Miller, Alice in Chains, Pink Floyd, Paul Simon, Robin Trower, Jimi Hendrix, STP, The Beatles, Jim Croce, Eric Johnson and on and on and on...

     Oh yeah, they have their own kickass tunes as well! You can listen to any of our music just about anywhere you can stream music. We are staying very busy so check back with us every now and then for updates and to see when we will be playing near you. 

     As of January 2020, Satisfied Drive has gone through a lineup change. “Lightning Rob” Balderas has stepped in as our new frontman/guitarist. He is an amazing guitar player and singer. We hope all of our fans will welcome him into the rock n roll works of SATISFIED DRIVE!

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